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Let the whole of the entire cosmos tremble before me as I return to LiveJournal once again! This time, I shall return with new features and more upgrades than the last time! OK, enough with the Steel Angel Kurumi jokes. I'll be posting here as well as to my MySpace. Love you all!
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Contrary to popular lore, I have not been destroyed, nor have I fallen off of the earth. In fact, I mainly do blogs on myspace. Maybe I'll just update the same thing on both. Although LJ is likely to be read by some friends, while MySpace can be read by family... hmm, the decisions we must make here... ^_^

Anyway, just saying HI to people I haven't spoken to in forever!
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Hey everybody! It's been ages since my last update! In that time, I fnally made it to ASM! I hate it just as much as before, but now I get paid more for this crap! I'm also desperately seeking a better job, something with a desk and a computer where I use my brain.

OK, so I was online Monday and I went to a website that send me a whole bunch of popups. It suddenly flashed up Norton's "We found a virus!" warning, so I deleted it. My computer went haywire, so I restarted and suddenly had all sorts of crap on it like an anti-spyware program I never downloaded, etc. So I ran SpyBot and Norton and still had problems. Trend Micro has an awesome free web-based antivirus that can clean things up (the real buyable version must be godly!), so I ran that and it said I had 4 Trojans, 3 of which could not be removed. Thanks to Naomi, that problem is fixed and she's got the most points! Both in House and in Affection! Woohoo! Finally someone who actually gets points! The aftermath- Trojan free, a firewall, and a major system upgrade that lets me connect my iPod! Yay!

Sakura Taisen V was one of the best PS2 games I've ever played. It is fun to actually defend New York in mecha! ^_^ Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was as wonderful as expected. Book 7 is going to kick major major ass! I've also started playing FFXI. It's fun, when I have the time to dedicate to it.

I saw The Exorcism of Emily Rose today, and oh my God, I was fucking scared shitless! Well, through parts of it, anyway. I kept waiting for things to happen. It's kinda like The Exorcist for 2005. What scares me most about stuff like this is the fact that it's real. Ghosts and demonic possession are not things I take lightly.

Anyway, hopefully I'll update again soon. Ta ta!

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NOT! Let me just sum it up: Exhaustion, anxiety, Laryngitis, depression, stress.

I cannot speak. I have an interview tomorrow with my DM, who may or may not decide to delay my promotion interview a month because I'm "not ready". I am already uptight about tomorrow morning's interview, and now I can't even speak! To top it all off, I gave up cursing for Lent, which means all the words I can use to ease my stress right now are forbidden! I notice how I always need whatever I give up during Lent. I'll suck it up, as I only have three more weeks to go anyway.

My Assistant Manager is dumb as a post, and I still haven't recovered from the nine-day work week I pulled playing the acting manager. TRhank God I'm off Tuesday, finally I can sleep! Tomorrow at my interview, I hope the DM asks me the question of when I've had to step in and take charge. I'll gladlyu explain it's whenever my ASM is working. Why? Because she's an idiot who can't run a store!

I had an emotional crash at work today. Maybe it's just everything building up. I mean, I've been tired and sick and it probably just wore away at my nerves tonight. Luckily, Jenna and Allyson closed with me. Those two are like a dream team. They rock so much! <3

Well, since I'm so tired, I'm just going to go now. I really just needed to desperately express myself in words. I've been feeling like the past few weeks were nothing but bad luck and it only gets worse. Wiah me luck on my interview!

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Happy New Year! I can't believe my last post was before my birthday. Hoe! Anyhow, the only things I have to say are 1) I really really miss Jen, and 2) Tommy's vacation keeps extending to a point where I might just kill him...

I just read Jen's LJ... she says she's having fun when we talk (prob. because she's afraid someone will hear one word in English and realize she's saying it about them), but her LJ says otherwise. I was afraid this would happen. She's on another continent and I can't really do anything to help her...










Reach for the lasers with Antic's Sims-ulator!

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Well, I beat Symphony of the Night. Great game. They need to make another Castlevania with Alucard in it. HOT! I made Tonkatsu tonight, and had a whiskey sour after it. Maybe that's why I feel warm.... and the hot comment before is not about temperature! It's just a coincidence.

Jen's coming out this weekend for my B-day! I'll be 24! And what a weekend we got planned just by a series of coincidences! ^_^ Anyway, I got my car registered in my own name, so now I can drive around legally. Though I must say that I was driving around before at the suggestion of my lawyer. So all in all, everything's cool!

Not much else. I'm gonna go. Ho na na!

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Yes, we have an early entry today! Guess why... give up? Here goes:

I have to close tonight in Commack. Someone scheduled me to open Elwood as well. After a Thursday of fuming and hating everyone, I spoke to Gloria and said that I needed to call someone and was wondering if she had the number. Explaining the situation, Gloria immediately said that someone else was taking the Elwood shift and she knew that for a fact. So the matter was resolved. Monday, when I showed up for work in Elwood, the supervisor who was opening this morning was there. I spoke with him and confirmed that it was, in fact, he who was opening Elwood. So, this morning (Saturday!), at 6:30 AM, my cell phone rings. I knew I should have turned it off last night! It's Frankie, calling and asking if I was supposed to be in Elwood this morning because the girl who was opening with me was stood up... again! So now, the DM is calling around, after the girl opening said she thought I was opening with her. (So basically, the supervisor didn't show up, and MY name was mentioned as the opener!) Five hours of sleep made me hit the roof as I yelled out that I wasn't the one who was opening, and that I was given confirmation by a) my own manager, and b) the supervisor who was opening in Elwood today. It's not Frankie's fault for calling, as he was probably trying to save me from a more stressful situation. But, if I'm scheduled for a shift and unable to get it covered by anyone, I'll be there no matter what. Why? BECAUSE I'M FUCKING RELIABLE AND I ACTUALLY USE MY BRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is why people need to be fucking shot. I'm searching job ads at monster after this. Saturday morning drama indeed...

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Well, for those of you who forgot, today marked a full year since Mom died. Surpringly, I was more upset on her birthday than today. Go figure... Oh well, she's still popping in to visit me. I smell cigarette smoke in the house occasionally and I've felt a presence that feels like hers, so she's keeping tabs on me. ^_^ And apparently, one of my distant relatives had a dream that her dead father told her that my mother was teaching him to dance...

Well, I beat Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. I got the bad ending, which really did suck. LOL! But I'm loving Alucard the best of all characters. I may have to dress as him next Halloween. I've decided that if Trish goes to Salem next year, I'm going to try to go. She had a lot of fun and everyone walks around in costume and stuff. It really may be fun! COSPLAY TIME!

Nicole from work is such an ass. She calls me Monday to beg me for my Wed. morning opening shift. I gave it to her, easily wanting another day off. She has a habit of being unable to cover shifts she takes on, so I call her at 4:30 on Tues. to confirm that she is covering my shift ("or else I have to decaffeinate myself now," I joked). She swore up and down that everything was fine, then called me an hour later to say she couldn't work the whole thing. So I just took my entire shift back. If she needs hours so desperately, I'm not giving her mine. And Gloria called the store today and spoke to me and asked me how I ended up working when Nicole was supposed to. So I told her, and she just huffed and muttered. I proceeded to say that I just figured I'd keep everyone happy and work the shift I was assigned so that somebody reliable knew what was going on. Gloria seemed to like that.

I love the music to Symphony of the Night... so I bought it on ebay! ^_^ Next stop- Karaoke Revolution!

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Well, Trish went away to Salem for the weekend. She'll be home tomorrow. It was nice without her around for a while. I always enjoy it when Amy or Trish goes away... now to get them both away at the same time... ^_^

So I worked today. We all did silly stuff for Halloween. Frankie put on demon horns, Giselle dressed up as J-Lo, Mikelle put glitter on her face, and I.... put on cat ears (which were the rave of the day)! Several people called me adorable and cute, but there was one woman I nearly throttled. I made a grande cappuccino, handed it off, smiled and said "Thank you!", like I'm supposed to. Someone else hands me a container of Half and Half, explaining it was empty. As I'm crouching down to get another container from the bar fridge, the woman who ordered the cappuccino goes "Ma'am, you made my cappuccino wrong. It's like there's nothing in here." I stand up and look at her, politely explaining that it is light because a cappuccino is half milk and half foam (a common misunderstanding). She looks at me and says "I know what it is, I drink cappuccino every day of my life. There's nothing in here!" (Very snappish, mind you.) I take the cup and pour more hot milk in, hand it back to her and apologize for the inconvenience, then I thank her again and she storms off. Not a single word of thanks, nor even a fucking apology for calling me a woman!

Now, while I should be upset that she called me "ma'am", I'm really more upset about what it represents. See, we as employees are required to be polite, thank the customer, and make eye contact. The recent secret shopper report my shift got was atrocious, as one of the comments was that there were no "thank you"s or eye contact. Since then, I have naturally made it a point to ensure a thank you and eye contact... only to find that an average of one in every 100 people actually look at the person making their drink. So pair that with the fact that the woman paid no attention to the fact I was even male , and you have the reasin I got agitated. Apparently, we shouldn't be graded for something that nobody does in the first place! YOU CAN'T MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH THE BACK OF A PERSON'S HEAD!!! And if you're going to start acting like I'm the fucking idiot, at least get my gender right--I may be effeminate, but I have a penis, and am MALE!!!

And yet I'm obviously the idiot because I work at Starbucks and can't make a cappuccino properly. Meanwhile, after over two years there, I know how to make everything and I'm damn good at it. This concludes my rant... Although, when she left, Mikelle told me not to be mad because she gave Ben a hard time on register. I sannounced when she had left if anybody else noticed she called me "Ma'am". Five customers and three co-workers erupted into laughter. At least I got a chuckle somewhere.

Anyway, I'm hoping that they start putting The Surreal Life on DVD, as I'm enjoying it so much. It's really quite funny.

Well, I'm done, I guess. Goodnight, everyone! Happy Halloween!

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I did tips, then called Elwood. They said I had to open on Saturday as well as work Monday. I look at the Commack schedule... I'm closing Saturday. Meaning a 16-hour work day spanning 4:30 AM to 1:00 am... not nice. Not nice at all. So I figured I would just get somebody to cover one of the two shifts. After all this bull shit, it turns out to just be that somebody put me down for Sat. morning, and then had to change it... but never wrote down the change on paper... Stupid idiots.

Today was kinda depressing, being Mom's birthday, and all. SO pair it with the abouve drama and some exhaustion issues, and that was my mood the whole day, spiralling down into the abyss. Maybe I should be Sadako from The Ring for Halloween! ^_^

Still, I'm looking for a new job before Starbucks kills me. Marvel may be a good lead, as MTV, NBC, CBS, and ABC do not have openings I'm eligible for... Maybe Newsday would be good. And a few of my customers are from Newsday, so I can get an inside scoop, no pun intended.

So, I'm on Marvel's website, and I'm reading the new flagship title (they're words, not mine) written by Joss Whedon, and it's pretty good. They're going to return to the old ways again, it seems. Before the dramatic idiocy caused after the first movie happened. Yay! Superhero outfits again! ^_^

Anyway, I have the oddest shift tomorrow- 5:30 AM -9:45 AM... and I'm one of an unusual three openers... why Gloria gave me that shift is beyond me... oh wait, maybe because I'll be there on time and someone else may not be. Hmm...

Anyway, I go now. Ja ne!

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