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A stressful day... - Rin
A stressful day...
I did tips, then called Elwood. They said I had to open on Saturday as well as work Monday. I look at the Commack schedule... I'm closing Saturday. Meaning a 16-hour work day spanning 4:30 AM to 1:00 am... not nice. Not nice at all. So I figured I would just get somebody to cover one of the two shifts. After all this bull shit, it turns out to just be that somebody put me down for Sat. morning, and then had to change it... but never wrote down the change on paper... Stupid idiots.

Today was kinda depressing, being Mom's birthday, and all. SO pair it with the abouve drama and some exhaustion issues, and that was my mood the whole day, spiralling down into the abyss. Maybe I should be Sadako from The Ring for Halloween! ^_^

Still, I'm looking for a new job before Starbucks kills me. Marvel may be a good lead, as MTV, NBC, CBS, and ABC do not have openings I'm eligible for... Maybe Newsday would be good. And a few of my customers are from Newsday, so I can get an inside scoop, no pun intended.

So, I'm on Marvel's website, and I'm reading the new flagship title (they're words, not mine) written by Joss Whedon, and it's pretty good. They're going to return to the old ways again, it seems. Before the dramatic idiocy caused after the first movie happened. Yay! Superhero outfits again! ^_^

Anyway, I have the oddest shift tomorrow- 5:30 AM -9:45 AM... and I'm one of an unusual three openers... why Gloria gave me that shift is beyond me... oh wait, maybe because I'll be there on time and someone else may not be. Hmm...

Anyway, I go now. Ja ne!

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