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The Eve of All Hallows... - Rin
The Eve of All Hallows...
Well, Trish went away to Salem for the weekend. She'll be home tomorrow. It was nice without her around for a while. I always enjoy it when Amy or Trish goes away... now to get them both away at the same time... ^_^

So I worked today. We all did silly stuff for Halloween. Frankie put on demon horns, Giselle dressed up as J-Lo, Mikelle put glitter on her face, and I.... put on cat ears (which were the rave of the day)! Several people called me adorable and cute, but there was one woman I nearly throttled. I made a grande cappuccino, handed it off, smiled and said "Thank you!", like I'm supposed to. Someone else hands me a container of Half and Half, explaining it was empty. As I'm crouching down to get another container from the bar fridge, the woman who ordered the cappuccino goes "Ma'am, you made my cappuccino wrong. It's like there's nothing in here." I stand up and look at her, politely explaining that it is light because a cappuccino is half milk and half foam (a common misunderstanding). She looks at me and says "I know what it is, I drink cappuccino every day of my life. There's nothing in here!" (Very snappish, mind you.) I take the cup and pour more hot milk in, hand it back to her and apologize for the inconvenience, then I thank her again and she storms off. Not a single word of thanks, nor even a fucking apology for calling me a woman!

Now, while I should be upset that she called me "ma'am", I'm really more upset about what it represents. See, we as employees are required to be polite, thank the customer, and make eye contact. The recent secret shopper report my shift got was atrocious, as one of the comments was that there were no "thank you"s or eye contact. Since then, I have naturally made it a point to ensure a thank you and eye contact... only to find that an average of one in every 100 people actually look at the person making their drink. So pair that with the fact that the woman paid no attention to the fact I was even male , and you have the reasin I got agitated. Apparently, we shouldn't be graded for something that nobody does in the first place! YOU CAN'T MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH THE BACK OF A PERSON'S HEAD!!! And if you're going to start acting like I'm the fucking idiot, at least get my gender right--I may be effeminate, but I have a penis, and am MALE!!!

And yet I'm obviously the idiot because I work at Starbucks and can't make a cappuccino properly. Meanwhile, after over two years there, I know how to make everything and I'm damn good at it. This concludes my rant... Although, when she left, Mikelle told me not to be mad because she gave Ben a hard time on register. I sannounced when she had left if anybody else noticed she called me "Ma'am". Five customers and three co-workers erupted into laughter. At least I got a chuckle somewhere.

Anyway, I'm hoping that they start putting The Surreal Life on DVD, as I'm enjoying it so much. It's really quite funny.

Well, I'm done, I guess. Goodnight, everyone! Happy Halloween!

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kvancelot From: kvancelot Date: November 2nd, 2004 09:18 pm (UTC) (Link)

Kill them all!

Well, you know how people are, Richy! Just think happy thoughts of destruction and you'll feel better, and she'll be... um... dead!
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