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Have some more magic elixer, my darling... - Rin
Have some more magic elixer, my darling...
Well, for those of you who forgot, today marked a full year since Mom died. Surpringly, I was more upset on her birthday than today. Go figure... Oh well, she's still popping in to visit me. I smell cigarette smoke in the house occasionally and I've felt a presence that feels like hers, so she's keeping tabs on me. ^_^ And apparently, one of my distant relatives had a dream that her dead father told her that my mother was teaching him to dance...

Well, I beat Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. I got the bad ending, which really did suck. LOL! But I'm loving Alucard the best of all characters. I may have to dress as him next Halloween. I've decided that if Trish goes to Salem next year, I'm going to try to go. She had a lot of fun and everyone walks around in costume and stuff. It really may be fun! COSPLAY TIME!

Nicole from work is such an ass. She calls me Monday to beg me for my Wed. morning opening shift. I gave it to her, easily wanting another day off. She has a habit of being unable to cover shifts she takes on, so I call her at 4:30 on Tues. to confirm that she is covering my shift ("or else I have to decaffeinate myself now," I joked). She swore up and down that everything was fine, then called me an hour later to say she couldn't work the whole thing. So I just took my entire shift back. If she needs hours so desperately, I'm not giving her mine. And Gloria called the store today and spoke to me and asked me how I ended up working when Nicole was supposed to. So I told her, and she just huffed and muttered. I proceeded to say that I just figured I'd keep everyone happy and work the shift I was assigned so that somebody reliable knew what was going on. Gloria seemed to like that.

I love the music to Symphony of the Night... so I bought it on ebay! ^_^ Next stop- Karaoke Revolution!

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