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Why people must be fucking shot in the head... - Rin
Why people must be fucking shot in the head...
Yes, we have an early entry today! Guess why... give up? Here goes:

I have to close tonight in Commack. Someone scheduled me to open Elwood as well. After a Thursday of fuming and hating everyone, I spoke to Gloria and said that I needed to call someone and was wondering if she had the number. Explaining the situation, Gloria immediately said that someone else was taking the Elwood shift and she knew that for a fact. So the matter was resolved. Monday, when I showed up for work in Elwood, the supervisor who was opening this morning was there. I spoke with him and confirmed that it was, in fact, he who was opening Elwood. So, this morning (Saturday!), at 6:30 AM, my cell phone rings. I knew I should have turned it off last night! It's Frankie, calling and asking if I was supposed to be in Elwood this morning because the girl who was opening with me was stood up... again! So now, the DM is calling around, after the girl opening said she thought I was opening with her. (So basically, the supervisor didn't show up, and MY name was mentioned as the opener!) Five hours of sleep made me hit the roof as I yelled out that I wasn't the one who was opening, and that I was given confirmation by a) my own manager, and b) the supervisor who was opening in Elwood today. It's not Frankie's fault for calling, as he was probably trying to save me from a more stressful situation. But, if I'm scheduled for a shift and unable to get it covered by anyone, I'll be there no matter what. Why? BECAUSE I'M FUCKING RELIABLE AND I ACTUALLY USE MY BRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is why people need to be fucking shot. I'm searching job ads at monster after this. Saturday morning drama indeed...

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satochan05 From: satochan05 Date: November 7th, 2004 07:05 pm (UTC) (Link)
Don't forget to look at craigslist in addition to monster.com ....that and don't forget the large objects of mass destruction to bash some sense into these morons.
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