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An entry! - Rin
An entry!
Well, I beat Symphony of the Night. Great game. They need to make another Castlevania with Alucard in it. HOT! I made Tonkatsu tonight, and had a whiskey sour after it. Maybe that's why I feel warm.... and the hot comment before is not about temperature! It's just a coincidence.

Jen's coming out this weekend for my B-day! I'll be 24! And what a weekend we got planned just by a series of coincidences! ^_^ Anyway, I got my car registered in my own name, so now I can drive around legally. Though I must say that I was driving around before at the suggestion of my lawyer. So all in all, everything's cool!

Not much else. I'm gonna go. Ho na na!

You have a very unique taste in everything you do.
People admire you for thinking outside of the

brought to you by Quizilla

last kiss: Last week
last cigarette: Never
last good cry: Can't remember.
last library book checked out: Can't rememeber.
last movie seen in a theatre: The Grudge
last cuss word uttered: Fuck.
last beverage drank: Whiskey Sour
last food consumed: Tonkatsu!
last phone calls: Jen, an hour ago.
last tv show watched: Star Trek: Deepm Space Nine
last shoes worn: Skechers work shoes.
last cd played: Hikaru Utada- Deep River
last item bought: sushi, pork, Lean Cuisines, soda
last thing downloaded: No clue
last annoyance: Taking a nap and feeling worse after
last disappointment: X-Men Next Dimension is too hard
last soda drank: Coke
last ice cream eaten: Don't remember. Maybe Vanilla
last time trippin on drugs?: Never.
last time in love: I'm still in the first
last time hugged: this morning.
last shirt worn: my black t-shirt
last time dancing: 10:00 AM today

1 MINUTE AGO: Looking at LJ entries
1 HOUR AGO: eating dinner
1 DAY AGO: Got my car registered.

1. What do you most like about your body? my eyes
2. And least? my fat
3. How many fillings do you have? none.
4. Do you think you're good looking? sometimes
5. Do other people tell you that you're good looking? yes


First job: St. John's Security
first screen name: same as now- MysticGOE
First funeral: Aunt Gloria
First pet: A goldfish
First piercing: none
First Kiss: Jen
First one that mattered: Jen
First Lust: Jen.
First love: Jen
First enemy: My entire second grade class

[What does your name mean?] Courageous follower of Christ descendent of Jacob
[Birthday?] november 12
[Zodiac Sign?] scorpio
[What are your plans for tonight?] Vegetate and talk to Jen
[What time is it?] 7:49

Have you ever...
[Taken a picture of yourself with a milk mustache and sent it to the milk people?] nope
[Said "I love you" and not meant it?] Once... to shut someone up
[Gotten into a fight with your dog/cat/bird/fish/etc?] yeah...
[Been to New York?] Living there!
[California?] Hell no
[Hawaii?] no
[Mexico?] nope
[Philippines?] nope

[Had a dream about something really crazy?] OH YEAH
[Stalked someone?] no
[Had a mud bath?] no
[Wished you were the opposite gender?] occasionally
[Had an imaginary friend?] yep. then made the upgrade to imaginary family!

Pick one
[Apples or Bananas?] bananas
[Red or Blue?] red
[Wal-Mart or Target?] Target.
[Spring or fall?] spring
[Do you have a boy/girlfriend?] Jen.
[Santa or Rudolph?] Santa.

Which of your friends...
[Has the most distinct laugh?] I think Lil is coming up on that...
[Will grow up and be a model?] Nobody I know.
[Is going to have the most kids?] Joe
[Have you known the longest?] Jason
[Knows you the best?] Jen
[Is the loudest?] my family
[Is the quietest?] Jen
[Do you miss the most?] Dunno

Just Wondering...
[What are you going to do after you finish this survey?] Nothing.
[What was the last meal you ate?] Tonkatsu!
[Are you bored?] yeah
[How many of your buddies are online?] not on an IM service

Which was the...
[Last movie you saw?] the Grudge
[Last noise you heard?] keyboard
[Last time you were out of state:] Last time I went to Mitsuwa.
[MY FAVORITE THING TO DO:] Play video games
[I'M WEARING:] black t-shirt and PJ Pants.
[I'M EATING:] nothing
[LISTENING TO:] nothing
[I'M FEELING:] blah
[I'M THINKING:] Its hot.
[I SEE:] computer desk

I think of ___ when I hear...
[Kill?] Bill.
[Red?] blood
[Dance?] Revolution!
[Fire?] warmth

[food?] Sushi
[drink?] Coke
[color?] White, Gold, Green, Blue, Red
[album?] none
[shoes?] skechers
[site?] none
[song?] Vanilla, by Gackt; Gekitei!
[vegetable?] broccoli and carrots
[fruit?] cherry
[berry?] strawberry

Last Person you...
[touched?] Amy (not in any perverse way)
[talked to?] Amy
[hugged] Lil
[instant messaged?] Dani
[kissed?] Jen

Current Mood: blah blah
Harmony of the Spheres: None

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