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Best Week Ever! - Rin
Best Week Ever!
NOT! Let me just sum it up: Exhaustion, anxiety, Laryngitis, depression, stress.

I cannot speak. I have an interview tomorrow with my DM, who may or may not decide to delay my promotion interview a month because I'm "not ready". I am already uptight about tomorrow morning's interview, and now I can't even speak! To top it all off, I gave up cursing for Lent, which means all the words I can use to ease my stress right now are forbidden! I notice how I always need whatever I give up during Lent. I'll suck it up, as I only have three more weeks to go anyway.

My Assistant Manager is dumb as a post, and I still haven't recovered from the nine-day work week I pulled playing the acting manager. TRhank God I'm off Tuesday, finally I can sleep! Tomorrow at my interview, I hope the DM asks me the question of when I've had to step in and take charge. I'll gladlyu explain it's whenever my ASM is working. Why? Because she's an idiot who can't run a store!

I had an emotional crash at work today. Maybe it's just everything building up. I mean, I've been tired and sick and it probably just wore away at my nerves tonight. Luckily, Jenna and Allyson closed with me. Those two are like a dream team. They rock so much! <3

Well, since I'm so tired, I'm just going to go now. I really just needed to desperately express myself in words. I've been feeling like the past few weeks were nothing but bad luck and it only gets worse. Wiah me luck on my interview!

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