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First off, I just read Kristin's post, and OMG! Just a word to the wise- if you make any threats against political officials while on LJ, you can get the Secret Service visit your home and you can get a file with the FBI! It's a long story, but I agree that we should all learn a lesson from it.

Next order of business- I'm being transferred to Elwood. This pisses me off, as I have never been a fan of the Elwood store and despite the fact that they need my skills there, it's a pain in the ass. I was told as of Nov. 1, I'd be there. Gloria said she was going to keep me around in Commack for a while, too. Now, with three days left to go, I haven't gotten a straight answer out of anyone. I went to the mall today. (I bought Lament of Innocence. It's a cool game thus far.) While there, Gloria calls me to tell me that I'm scheduled to work a shift in Elwood on Monday. Now, she put up the schedule for Commack today and I'm there for 4 days. I think I'm entitled to some sort of fucking notice as to the status of my job and my transfer, as would be common sense. It jut aggravates me. Thank God I didn't make plans for next week... The whole thing is that now I'm going to be working in two stores at once, and I don't like the fact that there are very real possibilities that my schedule will entail me getting home at 11:40 pm and then have to be at the other store by 5:30 am the next morning. Just how can I eat, sleep, and shower in that time, then show up all perky and happy like a fucking little ball of sunshine in this situation?

Well, if I notice that I'm really getting screwed with, I'm going to screw back... the first part is planned as refusing to open or close in either store. If that doesn't work, I'm going to start blocking out consecutive days as days I can't work. And if the DM says that the idea is counterproductive to me being promoted, I'm going to kindly ask her what century THAT will happen in, and whether I'm going to be too burnt out to care.

On a side note, I started looking for another job, to no avail. The places I was looking all require 3-5 years of experience. So no other job for me yet!

Trish has been having problems with MS Word. I think I finally fixed it, but between her and Amy, they may kill my computer! Everytime Trish does something and the computer freezes, I must obviously have a virus and that my virus scanner is obviously wrong. (How nice that an artist knows everything about computers!) Amy fucks up everything, then tells me she can't do this or that and she demands to know why. Then she gets mad when I point out that you're not supposed to try and load Word 4 times in 90 seconds. "I clicks to launch Word and it didn't come up. So I did it again, and still nothing! And then a third time! Then the computer froze!" Gee, I wonder why? Maybe the fact that a techno-illiterate and shitty programming (thank you, Bill Gates) cause for a deadly combo....

WHO THE FUCK IS Sexy766636? I get IM prompts from this person, along with 34 other numerical combinations every fucking night! GO AWAY ALREADY! I am not interested in porn, they need to drop dead already!

Anywho, I'm going. TTFN!

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Well, this has been an odd week. I went totally different!

I've been kinda depressed off and on lately, probably because of last year's trauma and my current situations and all. Then I got the news that I'm being transferred to the Elwood store because they need experienced supervisors. This is somehow supposed to make me look better for when I apply for RMT. Leaving all my friends in Commack is a bit sad, but Gloria's trying to fix it so I'm working in both stores. The transfer starts November 1, and I know the same as I did a week ago today.

Jen's going to Colombia for two months, leaving before Thanksgiving. This is a major bummer for me, obviously. I'll just have to do stuff over two months to keep myself occupied. I'm already going to confiscate all her DVDs and games to bide my time. hehehe...

Thursday night, the girls at work said they were going out and invited me. I declined, as I don't drink and I can't really afford to be pulled over if I spaz out and have a cop notice I've had a few in me. Then I kinda felt bad and forced myself to go out with them. I admit, it was fun to do something different. I only had a teeny sip of Giselle's gin and tonic, had my own soda, and left after 30 minutes. A car got broken into out in the parking lot, and I decided to take that announcement as my cue to leave. Deswpite my depression, whgch lifted when I went out, my non-drinking, and my dislike for loud music and large crowds, I had a lot of fun in that half hour. And on my way home, I stop at a light and see the car next to me is a cop car! So thank God I wasn't drunk! ^_^ Never doubt instinct.

So I have/had three days off. Sunday, I went to Church and went to see The Grudge with Maria. I also saw her apartment for the first time. What a cute place! And I enjoyed the movie a lot! It was like The Ring meets The Changeling, but still fun. And it was Japanese, really, so I enjoyed it more! Today, I was supposed to meet Roz for lunch. Amy kept asking is she could come, and Roz said it was up to me. So I let Amy come. It was actually fun with her there. We wnt to Applebee's and I got really tipsy from my Cosmopolitan. Maybe because I hadn't eaten anything. ^_^; Then we went to an unfinished furniture store, looked around, and my tipsiness went away. I drove home and played more X-Men Legends (damn that game is great!). Tomorrow, Jen and I are going to hunt down the 5 Bath & Body Works in Manhattan and buy soap and shit! YAY!

OK, that's all! Ja ne!

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What a past few days. I've been extremely stressed, but the universe has finally acknowledged that I'm not its enemy!

I've been staying late and cleaning with Gloria. Dear God, was that a nightmare. I came home at 2 am Wednesday night from cleaning! Well, I have Gloria's eternal appreciation for that. Then Kim asked me to work for her on Thursday because she was sick. I agreed. But then good things happened...

Yesterday, Jen and I went to Mitsuwa, which is this cool Japanese marketplace in New Jersey. There, I got some essential Japanese provisions... like Pocky! I also took a look at the housing developments there and am seriously considering that area as a place to move to. I could have a nice condo on the Hudson River facing Manhattan! Anyway, we got some manga, I bought some curry mix, and some other stuff. Lots of Pocky, though. I got some for Karen. And I bought a large bottle of Mitsuya Cider, which tastes a bit like Ramune. We also saw a Sailor Moon bendy doll. It was pretty big!

Then, we went back to the city and we bought a whole buch of reprints of the Sailor Moon manga, which has new art and text in it. I got a few other cool things, too. When I got home, Jen and I ordered more SM manga reprints, and bendy dolls of Sailor Venus, which were pretty cheap. Monday I'll get an order confirm for that.

Today was a pretty decent day at work. I trained a new girl, and we had a bunch of laughs. And it turns out Mira's an anime fan! So we had a shitload of fun there. When I got home, Jen and I pre-ordered Tales of Symphonia, which has an artbook special. Online preordering was more straightforward, since every last store you asked had no idea what their promotional was. Then, while it cost me a bit, I also managed to find that elusive little Sailor Moon art book I've never been able to find. Yes, the Materials Book is mine! At least, the order was placed and I'm awaiting confirmation now.

I have to open tomorrow, so I'll make this short and sweet. As of tomorrow, I'll have passed the 40 hour work mark. This isn't so great for Gloria and Kim, who have to answer the question of why a supervisor pulled in more hours than the assistant manager, but I'll get payed time and a half for like an hour or so. I'll have money to pay off all this shit!

Goodnight, everybody!
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Well, I finally watched Moon Child. It was pretty good, even though I almost never watch anything in that whole mafia/crime syndicate genre. Gackt did a good job writing the script, though the translators could not keep up. It was like watching a fan sub at points. I tried to follow, but it's a bit hard when they bounce between Japanese, Cantonese, and then into English. Confusing. But a good story, nonetheless.

The pool is almost ready. Yay! Maybe I can go for a quick swim tomorrow morning! I have to close tomorrow. I really don't want to, but I guess I'll live. I need a new AC, because mine is acting weird, not working right, emitting some weird smell once in a while, and making noises. So I guess it's off to Sears tomorrow... I want it before Sunday. I need cool air...

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First things first:

How to make a allenth

1 part success

5 parts crazyiness

3 parts beauty
Blend at a low speed for 30 seconds. Top it off with a sprinkle of sadness and enjoy!


Personality cocktail
From Go-Quiz.com

How true this thing is...

Anyway, I just found out exactly how different ST: In Heated Blood is from the original ST... It kinda peeved me a bit. Oh well. The graphics are still gorgeous. And there are going to be Eisenkleid in the next chapter! YAY! Or are those just newly generated Jinbu? Whatever!

We started filling up the pool today. Hopefully, it'll all be ready by Thursday or Friday. Now I just hope we have some warmth and I have the time to enjoy my pool.

I love eBay. The Sailormoon artbook hot $41 by the time I went to bid, so I said "fuck it". I'll search around. ^_^ However, I did manage to buy new Sakura Wars TV volumes 4 and 5 for $25 with shipping. Not too shabby, I must say. I've been waiting patiently for Bujingai to be released here in the US. I waited through May and the release got delayed. All I wanted to know was if it had dual language support so I could hear Gackt. No info on that matter anywhere! So I went in on the scheduled release date and they said the date had been postponed a second time until June 6. June 6, I go in to see if it's out, and it was delayed until June 16. Now I'm getting peevish. I see on GameFAQs that the company releasing it has delayed released and then just cancelled it. So I immediately thanked God that I did not pre-order it. I'd be pissed. But today I saw an eBay pre-order auction and the date was scheduled for June 23! I was like "Fuck this waiting!" So I bought a Japanese copy for $30. OK, it may be Asia Edition, but still, $30 for the original language vs. $40 for one that may or may not even be released. I have the better deal. ^_^

I went a little ballistic in Target today. $105! And I put things back, too! Hoe! I got these cool stackable bins for my PS games, and the extra one I bought fits my DC games, so I'm happy about that. So I emptied out the little cabinet in my TV stand of DVDs and put my GC and PS2 games in it. I then went to the little media shelf I have and filled it with my non-anime DVDs. I'm so happy! And my SMR box is on the way! Genki me! Genki me!

OK, so tomorrow (today?) I am meeting Serena at work. She and I are going out shopping. We're planning on Pier 1, Linens & Things, and Target. We had so much fun at Christmas, we're doing it again! LOL! I love Serena. She's so cool and funny. OK, so I better go to bed before I stay up all night playing SimCity 3000, which is tempting. Oyasumi!

EDIT: Since LJ thinks my password is too easy, for the 900th time, I'm finally changing it!

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Wow. The ST remake on PS2 is beautiful. I'll never ditch the first one, but the ARMS system alone makes the game border on divine! I like the new art, I like the graphics... good job Sega!

I have to open tomorrow, then I have to work on Sunday because I agreed to take Mira's shift. I could use the money, but I really don't want to work. I know, I sound like every other person in the real world. Today didn't feel too bad, though. I am pleased to announce my arrival at the 90% Frappuccino Revulsion mentality. I make so many of them that after two years, I despise them all... Although I did make one today with Sugar Free Hazelnut and it was darn good. The sugar in the Frappuccino mix was complimented nicely by the absence of it in the syrup.

I went to Target after work. I needed some clothes. I bought a new red shirt, some shorts for around the house, and this really cool belt! YAY! I'm happy! And I so want that Sailor Moon Musical Memorial DVD set... it's $250 for like 6 musicals on DVD, but they're the cool ones. I don't know. I'll think about it. I've been spending a lot of money lately. What I really should invest in is a couple of R2 games for my new PS2... We'll see.

I wonder what's up with Bujingai. I mean, they scheduled to release it in May, then pushed it to June, then moved it back two more weeks. Allegedly, the company releasing it has done the same thing in the past, but after three or four delays, they've just cancelled it. If that's the case, I'm buying the Japanese one. The only thing I'm really waiting for is to find out if it has Japanese language so I can hear Gackt. That reminds me, tomorrow I think I'll watch Moon Child. I have backlogs again!

And since I'm on the backlog kick, I'm going to go read Negima. Goodnight, all!

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I got my Japanese PS2 today! And I popped in the ST remake and OMG it is so beautiful! It's a bit funny when the updated graphics hit a bit of old animation, but it needed to be done. The animation was good, so you don't really mind it. And the new opening is just as cheesey! ^_^

Now I just have to play RahXephon. I went to Book-Off today with Jen. I bought Matrix:Reloaded. Why, you may ask, when I think that the first one was the only good one? Because there are two things: 1- The more and more I think about it, the cooler and cooler the Trinity scenes are (can you tell I love her?); and 2- it was $7. I got a Rayearth CD and a manga, then Jen and I moved on. Oh! I have to search the net for that Sailor Moon book I want, since Kinokuniya didn't have it. And I got some cool manga from Asahiya as well as yet another magazine with Gackt in it! YAY!

No luck with the artbook... It's kinda hard to find. I should have spent the $35 for it a few years ago. I'd also like the Sailor Moon Infinity one, but it's over $100 or something now. Damn! One Place has it for $50... that's a bit too steep. I might have to special order it through Kinokuniya or Asahiya. It might be a bit more because of that. I wonder why this fucking Sailor Moon R artbook is so wideley available? Kinokuniya also charges $5 shipping plus a $2-$10 fee for the book. Argh! I really want it because it has all these sketches of the senshi and villains for the whole series. And everywhere I can find has it as sold out. Poo!

No Luck. Maybe I'll call Kinokuniya in Mitsuwa... Oyasumi!

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I hate Microsoft. I spent 15 minutes typing crap and with a single thing, Microsoft just totally tossed my entry off to load up its page of wonders.... grr... And now my stuff is gone.

Not that it was important, but still. It was my mini epiphany. Honestly, though, why do all these computer programs have to conflict with each other. Now I can't access any of my MP3s from Windows Media player through the program directly? Oh well. I'm going to bed before the house explodes around me or something. Good night.

PS~ To the people who dubbed Detective Konan... WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? Not that I'm a fan, but the name changes are toally idiotic. Why does everything need to be changed. The fact that they walk around in kimono and such should be the blatant tip off that they're in Japan! So name changes in Japan are kinda stupid! Especially when your audience may be able to read the Japanese characters saying one thing while the people are reading something totally different. Makes no sense.

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I feel so much better today! I played Neverwinter Nights for the first time in like 2 months. I do enjoy it, but I want something more... I'd kill to be in a real Japanese karaoke parlor. ^_^

Speaking of Japan... I e-mailed Play-Asia about my PS2, and it seems Jen's game is holding up the whole order! Her ass must be kicked tonight when I see her. I fully intend to buy the Japanese Karaoke Revolution games... but the microphone for it is $60! Hoe!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so fucking bored. I want to play a game, but I don't want to play what I have... Actually I want to sing Karaoke since I was watching PGSM before.

Wow, I really need to keep track of people. My friend Jodi just asked me how Mom was... It's really weird to be asked that more than six months after the fact.

OK, well, I'm gonna go. Ja ne, minna-san!

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Ai to seigi no, Sailor-fuku bishoujo senshi, Sailor Moon! Tsukini kawatte, oshyokyo!


Codename, Sailor V... Seigi no senshi... Sailor-fuku bijin senshi... Sailor Venus, sanjyo yo!

I love Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon! It's even better than the animated Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon! I'm enjoying a closer manga plot much more than 46 episodes of squealing and youma. This is drama and youma! Woohoo! And Zoicite is my favorite of the Shitennou. I don't see the Gackt-ness Jen sees, but I see the drama that is Zoicite and it's far more impressive than the manga. Good for you, Naoko-sensei!

I had a rough day at work, and now I'm in pain. I have a headache and my left eye hurts. Time for advil and bed. Oyasumi!
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